MUD #127 is one of over 100 districts within the West Harris County Regional Water Authority, an entity created in 2001 in accordance with the part of Texas law that provides for the conservation and development of the state’s natural resources.

As such, WHCRWA’s mission includes:

  • the acquisition and provision of surface water and groundwater for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and other uses
  • the reduction of groundwater withdrawals
  • the conservation, preservation, protection, recharge, and prevention of waste of groundwater
  • the control of subsidence caused by withdrawal of water from groundwater reservoirs.

The boundaries of WHCRWA are roughly U.S. 290 on the north/northeast, Houston city limits on the east, Harris/Fort Bend county line on the south and Harris/Waller county line on the west.    Within the authority’s boundaries, there are approximately 226 square miles.  Over 450,000 people are served, including the City of Katy.  Current water demand in the area is approximately 60 million gallons per day.

WHCRWA is responsible for planning, developing funding for and managing the infrastructure, equipment and construction projects required to accomplish its mission.  It currently oversees a massive project to convert usage from groundwater sources (wells) to surface water.  Approximately 30% of the water supply within WHCRWA has already been converted to surface water.  This includes MUD 127.

Under WHCRWA’s Groundwater Conversion Plan (GCP), as approved by the Houston-Galveston Subsidence District (www.hgsubsidence.org), surface water supply is scheduled to reach 80% by 2035.  For surface water needs, WHCRWA negotiated a long-term water supply agreement with the City of Houston, and shares in the cost of developing water supply projects (e.g., Luce Bayou) with other water authorities.

WHCRWA has no taxing authority and charges its member districts pumpage fees based on a Rate Order adopted by its Board of Directors.  These fees fund infrastructure construction, debt service requirements and bond covenants, as well as the maintenance and operation of the surface water delivery system.

Individual water districts continue to supply water to their customers, and all customers within the boundaries of the WHCRWA pay their fair share of the costs to construct new water delivery infrastructure and for the supply of surface water.  There is a line item on your monthly water bill that identifies the fee charged by WHCRWA.

WHCRWA Board of Directors is made up of nine directors who serve staggered four-year terms.  Directors must have served as a director of one or more districts for at least four years.  Learn more about how WHCRWA operates by visiting its web site [www.whcrwa.com] and by attending its regular meetings held at 6:00 PM on the second Wednesday of each month at 20111 Saums Road.  WHCRWA also holds a town hall meeting in the fall of each year and publishes an annual newsletter, copies of which are posted at its site.


Monday, June 17, 2024 at 12:00 PM

Monday, July 8, 2024 at 12:00 PM

The District’s Board of Directors generally meets on the second Monday of the month at noon at the office of Strawn & Richardson, 1155 Dairy Ashford, Suite 875, Houston, Texas 77079.

WHCRWA Documentary

View “Partners in Progress,” the 2018 educational video from West Harris County Regional Water Authority about the massive infrastructure projects and costs that will ensure a long-term water supply for our area. See it here.