Happy Earth Day 2022!

If you’ve already taken the Pledge to Take Care of Texas, you’ve got recycling and composting down. You’re not wasting water, and you save driving for when you really need the car. There’s always something a little more you can do, so take a deeper dive this Earth Day to see what you and your community can do.

Five More Ways to Honor Earth Day Year-Round!

  1. Take care of your plumbing to avoid costly repairs in your home and in your community. There’s a long list of things that should NOT go down your kitchen sink, drain, or toilet that may surprise you! Even some items confusingly labeled “flushable” can cause problems. Read more about ways to #saveoursewers.
  2. Spend some time outdoors. It can be hard to appreciate nature and the impact that your efforts have when you don’t, and a lack of quality time outdoors can have negative psychological consequences.
  3. Recycle your electronics and batteries the right way. While it is preferable to recycle these items, there are right, and dangerously wrong ways to do so. For example, rechargeable batteries tossed in your curbside recycle bin can cause a fire in sorting facilities! Get some up to date information on batteries and find the nearest place to donate or recycle your older electronics.
  4. Food waste is an unfortunate occurrence in any kitchen, domestic or institutional. Meal-planning, composting, and a little knowledge of the best ways to make the most out of your grocery list will go a long way. Read on to reduce your waste and save some cash in the kitchen!
  5. Driving across Texas, or just to the other side of town, is often a necessity. Our driving habits, vehicle maintenance, and other choices affect air quality such as the concentration of ground-level ozone. EPA publishes an exhaustive list of the best driving tips to help reduce the effect that your actions have on air quality, and can help you save money on gas!

Visit TakeCareofTexas.org — A Program of the TCEQ